At Fit Club we help clients live an active lifestyle through one-on one recovery sessions provided directly by a doctor of physical therapy. Our hands on treatment philosophy is progressive, and all encompassing; helping our patients live a life free from medication and doing what they love!

Improve performance and decrease your risk for injury with a sports massage at Fit Club. Our specialists use techniques such as Myofascial Release, Graston Technique, and G2 Theragun to deliver a results-oriented recovery approach. Recovery is just as important as sports performance to our team. We take into account that our clients don’t live their lives lying down on a table. Because of this, we will assess and treat you sitting and standing, as well as in any sport/activity specific position that you might be having trouble with. Sports Massage appointments are available for 1/2 hour and full hour long sessions and can be combined with personal training packages!

  • Hour Long-$150
  • Half Hour-$75

Book your initial evaluation with Fit Club today online or call us at 646-875-8348. We will schedule your first appointment within 24-48 hours!