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background & training

Dr. Niles Bracy received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Mount Saint Mary College, where he also played Division III College Baseball. Upon completion of college, Niles moved on to Stony Brook University to attain his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Niles has always been interested in physical therapy and rehabilitation after experiencing a variety of injuries first hand as a baseball player and track athlete. Currently, Niles works towards increasing his knowledge as a therapist and finding new, creative, and effective ways to treat his clients. 

Having a degree in Psychology, Niles has always been interested in connecting with his patients, finding ways to make each session best fit their needs and goals, and making physical therapy an enjoyable experience. While studying at Stony Brook, Niles completed clinical affiliations primarily in sub-acute rehabilitation and outpatient orthopedic settings working with people with cerebral palsy, amputations, post-surgical patients, older adults, weekend warriors, and those with every day aches and pains. Niles also guided a group of classmates on a physical therapy mission trip to Ecuador where he treated people with a variety of physical and behavioral disorders and orthopedic conditions. Niles has always had an affinity for the outpatient setting even before attending physical therapy school and has the goal to continue building his skill set to be the best practitioner in New York City. 

professional approach

Niles’ primary goal as a physical therapist is to effectively manage and decrease pain before challenging his clients as much as possible within the limits of their condition. Niles aims to empower each of his clients to take control of their pain and limitations and realize their full potential so that they can return to spending time with their friends and family, working, sports, dancing, and other athletic activities feeling even better, stronger, and faster than they were originally.  

Personal Life

Niles was born and raised in The Bronx, but enjoys spending his free time exploring the rest of NYC and the surrounding areas being a foodie and finding ways to keep active. Along with traveling around the city, Niles has also set a goal for himself to travel as much of the world as possible, with some of his accomplishments including a cross-country roadtrip of the US and even spending some time in the Galápagos Islands.

Doctor of Physical Therapy                        

bronx native

manages & decreases pain

holds a psychology degree

former baseball player

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