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background & training

Dr. John Ly received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony
Brook University and his BS in Marketing from Rutgers University. In
2013, he sustained a snowboarding injury that lead him to Physical
Therapy. His time as a patient prompted a change from his 10 year
Marketing career, and he decided to pursue his passion for helping and
empowering others.

His time at Stony Brook gave him experiences working with
neurological, acute inpatient and orthopedic populations. With a love
for fitness, he pursued additional experiences in specialty orthopedic
clinics that strive to change the standard expectations of Physical

professional approach

John has experience working with a variety of sports injuries
including ACL reconstruction & repair, runners of all levels and
sports rehabilitation and pre-habilitation.

John is a firm believer in connecting with his clients and creating a
partnership. He strives to get to the root of their pain and works to
develop a plan WITH them instead of FOR them. His goal is to promote
an active treatment approach, where his clients feel educated,
empowered and ready to take action in their recovery, health and
wellness. His treatment principles strive to provide individualized
corrective exercises and manual therapy to address imbalances.

Personal Life

John is an avid snowboarder and has been riding for the past 20 years.
He’s been to Utah, North Star at Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Whistler and
makes routine weekend trips to Vermont. He hopes to add to that list
and is eyeing a trip to Japan!

Doctor of Physical Therapy                        

treats sports injuries & athletes

empowers his patients

avid snowboarder

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