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Dr. Jason Tam received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University and BA in Biology from Binghamton University. Jason has experience working with orthopedics, neurological and subacute inpatient care in physical therapy. His special interests are in sports rehab, manual therapy and lower extremity pathologies. He has also served as a medical volunteer for the NYC marathon and is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

professional approach

Jason believes in taking a holistic approach to physical therapy addressing the patient as a whole to empower them to take charge of their own personal care. Jason’s interest in the human biomechanics allows him to carefully examine movement and develop a customized plan of care to help his patients reach their goal and improve quality of life.

Personal Life

In his free time, he enjoys playing handball, basketball, bowling and bouldering. When he is not physically active he spends his time expanding his “DIY” knowledge and playing League of Legends. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy                        

SPORTS REHAB specialist

diy master

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