Independent Trainers


personal Training Clients Love Fit CLub. Rent Space to build and grow your Tribe!

Fit Club is a unique and energetic space that is specifically designed to help you grow as a personal trainer. Our space is clean, well organized and friendly, making for an ideal place to train your clients!

Here are a few reasons you should bring your clients to train at Fit Club!

We limit the amount of sessions per hour so you are not feeling squeezed and allow you the proper space to train clients.

Pay a flat fee to train clients - you get more of the profits!

We are all about "sweat-working"! We believe in positive collaboration between our professionals and any independent trainers.

We often host continuing education for our staff, feel free to jump in on the fun! We also aren't stingy and refer clients that we feel will be a good fit!

Contact us today if you are looking to grow your personal training business!