Can't make it to NY for your session? Traveling and need advice? We're here for you! We are available via Skype and Google Hangouts for 1-hour video consultations.

For initial consultations, we will go over your medical history and any information pertaining to your injury. We will then observe your movement by asking you to do certain tasks such as bending, walking, reaching, squatting, or balancing. Based on information gathered, we will prescribe a home exercise program for you to work on until the next time you are able to meet!

During follow-up sessions, we will re-assess your movement, then lead you through additional guided exercises to get you back to your favorite activity! The number of follow-up sessions required will be determined during the initial consultation.

If you are evaluated in the office, you are still eligible to receive telehealth services for follow-up sessions. The same thing applies if you are evaluated outside of the office - we will gladly take care of you for follow-ups in office!

For more information, send us a message through our chat, call 646.875.8348, or email!