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Corporate Wellness

Wellness opportunities your employees will love!


Rev up corporate culture
with employee wellness by Fit Club!

Work with us to organize an event!

+ Why do employees love fit club corporate programs?

  • Unique wellness services in the workplace that relax and de-stress.

  • Services offered include massage, nutrition, yoga, recovery treatments and fun training classes.

  • Our highly skilled team includes Doctors of Physical Therapy, Nutritionists, Strength & Conditioning Specialists and Sports Rehab Specialists.

  • Exposes employees to health professionals and services they can use in their daily life.

+ Why do employers love it?

  • Promotes company culture.
  • Provides a healthy, fun alternative to corporate events.

  • Gets employees talking about where they work!

+ What do you do next?

  • We work with Human Resource Managers and HR Representatives to set up the right event for your company.
  • Contact us about special discounts and offers.

Contact us today if you are looking to grow your company culture with a Fit Club Corporate event!

Doing Our Thing:



Rev Up Your Company Culture Now!

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