we help people live an active lifestyle through one-on-one Sessions provided directly by a doctor of physical therapy. Our philosophy is progressive, and all encompassing; helping our Clients live a life free from medication and doing what they love.




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Fit Club was founded in 2015 by Dr. Kellen Scantlebury. His mission was to create the ultimate Human Performance FACILITY in NYC. At Fit Club We Specialize in helping New Yorkers like you reach all of Your rehab, fitness and wellness goals. At our facility we direct CLIENTS towards INDIVIDUAL programs that address their Specific needs. Physical THerapy, PErsonal Training, SPorts Massage, and Nutritional coaching are Programs we use to help improve the human EXPERIENCE for you! Our goals are your goals, and we tailor these services to make sure together we reach every one of them!

Fit Club Doctors of Physical Therapy possess extensive knowledge pertaining to human movement and orthopedics. Our professionals are also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists who have years of experience helping clients of all fitness levels from professional athletes to everyday New Yorkers achieve optimal results with regards to weight loss, improved strength, and increased human performance. Above all, our professionals are personable, friendly, and are driven to help you succeed. 

When it comes to rehabilitation and fitness, what sets Fit Club apart is that our medical and fitness professionals spend 60 minutes with each client at every session-- 65% more one-on-one time than industry standards!  Our innovative approach combines services such as physical therapy, active recovery, nutritional coaching and strength and conditioning  into programs for clients to help them not only have less pain but also move more efficiently and build strength!  All of this is provided in a positive and uplifting environment that is fun and full of infectious energy!  

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100% of our reviews on Yelp and Google are 5 Stars! Read what all the hype is about.

Liz S.

Designer, New York City

I've been lucky to have Kellen as my physical therapist for nine months now. Working with him during the weeks before my ACL reconstructive surgery were immensely helpful in recovering much of my knee function, bringing down inflammation, and preparing me for the long road of rehabilitation ahead. Just four weeks post-op, I was able to recover almost full range of motion in my injured leg -- something that felt impossible and far away during the first few post-op weeks. I was able to make huge strides of progress in those first few post-op months because of his attention and focus, and continuous motivation and support. Kellen gives so much of himself to every client - he's the face of optimism and dependability. He kept my spirits up when I was the most discouraged, and always made sure I was well-prepared with tons of tips and routines when I was traveling.

Kellen is a supremely positive, dependable, and hard-working expert with integrity and relentless energy. He's someone you definitely want in your corner when you're facing any physical challenges or pain.

Cynthia I.

Dr. Kellen Scantlebury and his team are amazing!!! I came to fitclub because I needed to get in shape and heal an injury to my knee. And, after two months of working with Dr. Sonubi my knee is feeling significantly better and I can now do things I wasn't able to do before. They provide a comprehensive work out specifically tailored to your needs as well as helping you to set and achieve your goals in a safe and holistic manner. I highly recommend fitclub for people with injuries and people who want to take their exercise routine to a higher level. The staff is dynamic, professional and make working out a team effort. They take your wants and needs seriously and work with your schedule. Moreover, they work with one client at a time and give you their undivided attention. I'm not a gym person but I can honestly say that I look forward to going and working out every week! If you're looking for a trainer or physical therapist or both FitClub is the right place!

Lauren C.

I saw David at the Greenpoint location for a spine/rib problem that I've been struggling with for years. He was an excellent PT, not only addressing my problems, but making sure I had the tools to help myself feel better after our sessions. Such a great attitude and a pleasure to work with! Would highly recommend him and Fit Club!

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